The fourth travelling workshop of the future

Like every other year, we've invited 20 people of different organisations to our travelling workshop of the future. This year for the first time with financial support from the European Community.

In the last three international workshops we have travelled together with artists, ex-perts and journalists in North-West Russia, Sibiria and the Far East. In the fourth workshop we visit, for the first time, innovative an inspiring projects in Western Europe. The participants from the East (i.e. artists, scientists, architects, engeneers and journalists) will be financially supported from the EC: They don't have to pay the tour and for visa and will have some pocket money, too. The participants from the West, like always, need to finance the workshop themselves. The cost of the trip for Westeuropean participants will be 2.540 DM (1.690 U$). A reduced price for free-lance journalists, artists, speakers and students is planned, depending on the donations we receive. Again this year we are requesting financial assistance from those who can give it. All donations are tax deductible as we are an approved non profit organisation in Germany.
Anybody who is interested in an exciting, out-of-the-ordinary, inspiring journey through the many cultures Europe has to offer, is welcome to participate.

Our goal is to visit interesting people and their projects in the following fields: energy, education, farming, urban design, social innovation and architecture: at most of the visited projects various aspects of the above mentioned fields can be experi-enced in combination or as a working system. The connection of planned visits and collection of participants makes for a pleasant experience for all of those involved, especially those who normally don't enjoy group trips. It gives us great pleasure to assist in the exchange of ideas between East and West through friendly encounters, shared experiences and intellectual stimulation. Maybe most importantly, to add our creativity and perspectives (without dogmatism) to those places where utopian ideas still struggle to exist.
Accomodation are primarily double and single rooms at or near by the projects. The above quoted price includes: the trip from Kiel over North-West-Jortland, Northern Germany, Berlin, the South-West of Germany, Switzerland to the Tuskany; guides; presentations; and full board (i.e. all meals). For participants with limited time, a par-tial trip can be arranged. Conference languages are German and English. We'll be travelling by bus and/or by train. We have arranged for interpreters when possible.

We will be more than happy to send a more detailed description of the journey and the involved projects if you send us 5 U$ (bill, travel cheque or int. postal reply cou-pon) to cover postage and handling. The trip is tax deductible as an educational holiday, for journalists and speakers. The same hold true for all donations to the Vladivostok assoc. who is supporting the journey, too! All payments and donations to Bezirkssparkasse, 69004 Heidelberg, Germany, SWIFT CODE: SOLADEST, Bank Code: 672 500 20, Account No. 36609, Holder: Wladiwostok e.V.